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Our Concept

Santos and Alberto dreamed about owning a restaurant, but not just any restaurant; they wanted something new, fresh, and innovating. That’s how the concept for Sabor was born.


Sabor has a welcoming ambiance with the perfect balance between modern and traditional, and yet, affordable.


Their dish selections, signature cocktails, wine, beer, and soft and familiar Latin music along with exceptional service create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for any occasion.


Our Story

Alberto grew up enjoying his mother's delicious cooking. He was always showing off  his mother's cooking with his friends and during any school fundraiser activity. Sabor's story began when Alberto combined his creativity with

his mother's recipes.


After many years of planning their restaurant and working two jobs at a time, in 2014 Alberto and Santos decided to sell their home and invest their earnings along with their lifetime savings to make their dream a reality. They both quit their jobs and asked Alberto’s mother, Doña Eva, to join their team in the kitchen. Doña Eva left her job as well and became the brains behind Sabor’s kitchen. Sabor officially opened on February 2015.


They believe their twist on most classic dishes will keep customers coming back for more.


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